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Diyarbakir Grand Mosque

The Great Mosque of Diyarbakır, Diyarbakır Ulu Camii, Mizgefta Mezin a Amedê is the former St. Thomas Christian Church, one of the oldest churches in history. The mosque is considered by some to be the fifth holiest site in Islam.

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Diyarbakir Grand Mosque, the largest and most famous of the historical mosques in the city, is one of the oldest mosques in Anatolia. It is a unique work worth seeing as a permanent place of worship for locals and a place of sighting for tourists throughout its history.

The Great Mosque of Diyarbakir, interpreted as a reflection of the famous Umayyad Mosque in Anatolia, is the 5th mosque of the Islamic world. He is considered the Harem-i Sharifi. The historical Grand Mosque, which was used as a center of worship in every period of history, is the largest collection of buildings in Diyarbakir. Evliya Çelebi, who came to the city in the 16th century, mentions the Grand Mosque as follows: “Whoever received the castle, this temple remained a shrine. There is such spirituality in it that if a person prays for two prayers, his heart will testify that it is accepted. The Grand Mosque of Guya Haleb, the Umayyad Mosque of Damascus or the Masjid al-Aqsa of Jerusalem, the Azhar Mosque of Egypt, the Hagia Sophia of Istanbul.”

In various parts of Caamin, the inscriptions belonging to the Great Seljuk ruler Melikshah, Inal and Apriloglu, Anatolian Seljuk ruler Giyaseddin Keyhusrev, Artuklus, Akkoyunlu ruler Uzun Hasan and many of the Ottoman sultans belong to the mosque’s various are seen in their locations.

It consists of two mosques (Hanafler and Shafiler Department), two madrasahs (Mesudiye and Zincirye), east-west makmak, minaret, abdesthane sections and a large rectangular courtyard in the middle of this complex. The work of Al-Jazeera, one of the greatest chief engineers in history in its courtyard, is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists, the 900-year-old sundial. A comprehensive restoration is currently underway in the Grand Mosque building community.
The foundation inscription of Sayyid Ibrahim, located west of the north wall of the Hanafi section of the Grand Mosque, is noteworthy. This foundation is important in terms of reflecting the foundation understanding of the period. The text of the foundation reads: “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Sallâhu Aleyhi and Sellem. The son of Amidi Sayyid Shamseddin, respected and valuable person Sayyid Ibrahim, has donated all his shops and twelve thousand silver coins in Uzunbazi in the city of Amid. With the money obtained from the sale of the shops, water will be distributed to the drinkers in the mosque. Water chilled with ice and snow. It will be available for 90 days from the first day of June. The trustee is an imam. The ice and snow fee is determined in the foundation of the fees of the trustee and the resident. God bless those who drink from the water of this mosque.”